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Galchemism was created by two women who were sick and tired of seeing their sisters work so hard and come up against the same obstacles again and again. From lack of mentors and access, to trouble finding spaces and places for women of color in arts & tech - the stories were all the same. So Mariela and Yvette decided to take the problem into their own hands and started curated intersectional art shows and events for their peers and colleagues. They wanted to create spaces where women of color could see their complex identities reflected in honest and truthful ways, without the dilution often present in white-dominated places. They strived to make places where each artists could profit from their creative vision.

Now, they're evolving to not only make content that highlights women of color in the worlds of art & tech from all walks of life, but also to plan events where women in these spaces can learn from and connect with one another. We are not alone. And together, we are stronger. 

Galchemism is a platform where women of color get the representation and respect we deserve. We organize intersectional events that examine our multifaceted  identities while expanding conversations around culture and access.

Join our movement.